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Sotaco lnc. is a Hong Kong based company focussed on advanced exploration of our own economic coal resources in the USA, Asia, South America and Europe.

Sotaco is an extremely flexible organization with low overhead costs achieved by handling various coal resources through the same office. Low overhead, high capability, and flexibility are the cornerstones of the organization‘s network.

The company has a strong management team of professionals, each with long standing experience in the solid fuels and iron ore industry.

Sotaco management also has a broad range of trading experience which increases synergies between various product lines.

In addition to our own mining assets in the USA, Sotaco have also robust agreements in place with a couple of major mines worldwide.

Our main activities are the supply, trading, distribution and upgrading of high value coal products for the steel making industry, for power plants and cement production.




Coal is an abundant world-widely distributed fossil fuel resource and it has been playing an important role in global economic and social progress. Coal will continue to be an essential part of the world’s energy and industrial materials in the foreseeable future.

Coal has many important applications, most significantly in electricity generation (62%), steel and cement manufacturing (21%), and industrial process heating (12%). In the developing world, the household use of coal for heating and cooking is very important (5%).

Thanks to long-term marketing agreements, Sotaco can distribute 6,000,000,000 tons of alternative coal resources worldwide. These products will be sold in co-operation with mining companies which cover a wide range of selected qualities for the steel and metallurgical industry (blast furnace and foundry coke production) as well as for the majority of coal fired power plants.



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